• A Little Big Village.

    Unterretzbach is one of three districts of the village of Retzbach. It’s a home to an own interpretation of living in the Retzer Land area. It’s a harbor for connoisseurs, a retreat for those who seek calmness and peace and a place for discoveries. You’ll find excellent wines, cosy bed and breakfast rooms  at the local winemakers and an elegant restaurant. You’ll find a tasty way of relaxation in one of three traditional Lower Austrian wine taverns (so called Heurigen), well known for their delicious regional food. It’s a place to stay close to nature, surrounded by a wonderful landscape.

  • The Smooth Lines of a Gentle Vastness.

    I turn right, I turn left and all I see is beauty. The beauty of simplicity. The beauty of freedom arising from the boundless infinity of a landscape. I am close to the sky, just like in the mountains. But there’s nothing that blocks my view, there’s nothing that hinders my motion. I move freely into all kinds of directions, I conquer new perspectives with each step that I take. I regain a feeling of natural independence, somewhere between earth and sky. 

  • The Essential, Now.

    What is it that really enchains me? The opulence I’m living in? The constant pressure forcing me to stay connected? The bigger better faster more that seemed to surround me? I don’t know now. It all seems to be so far away from here. I succumb to an affair with serenity. I fall in love with calmness. Relaxation starts in the mind and from there it seems to spread into every tissue and pore of my body. I feel how I’m slowly losing track of time. Here’s what is really essential: it’s this very moment.

  • Built Close to Wine.

    The villages of Oberretzbach and Mitterretzbach are situated closely to the rolling hills of the Manhartsberg. Just a few hundred yards from the outskirts an abandoned custom house greets cars, bikes and wanderers passing what once was the border to the Czech republic. Both communities have grown together and are literally surrounded by wineyards. They accommodate a hidden treasure of precious specialties such as a wonderful Baroque church, a jumble sale, a home-style cooking guesthouse and excellent wines.

  • Easy Riding.

    Bikers find paradise around Retzbach. You’ll find yourself riding on safe and silent roads through a breathtaking scenery, passing whitewashed wine cellars, wineyards and fields that seem to have no end.  Our bicycle routes connect Retzbach with the National Park Thayatal, the Pulkautal, the historic wine city of Retz and Znojmo in the Czech Republic.  Discover a relaxed way of biking, a smooth way of escaping the hustle and bustle of everyday life. 

    > The cycling routes around Retzbach

  • Small Witnesses of Big History.

    They’re all over the fields around Retzbach, in the wineyards and on crossroads: these little relics that we Lower Austrians call „Materl“. They’ve been here for centuries, each one a unique piece of art, each one reflecting its own history. We have built them out of faith and superstition in a time long ago. Still they are covered by myths and legends and maybe, on silent days, they will tell a tale of the past to the lonesome wanderer who listens closely enough. But that’s just another legend.