• Welcome to the South!

    Hnanice, one of Southern Moravia‘s hidden treasures, is located within a smooth valley surrounded by meadows, vineyards and forest. It’s a perfect hideaway, a lively mirror of Moravian lifestyle, beautifully simple and simply beautiful. It’s a home to wonderful wines offering a whole lot of places to be discovered by hikers and bikers. It’s close to Znojmo and close to the historic city of Retz. It’s close to a fascinating national park. But most of all it‘s close to nature.

  • Discovering the Beauty of Simplicity.

    Hidden places between trees and vineyards invite me to spend some time on myself, all alone with nature. Maybe I will think about something, maybe not. Maybe I want to gain time just to forget time for a while. From here, the road could lead to almost everywhere and wherever I go there’s magnificence, pure and humble, unblemished and authentic. Here I am, enchanted by the beauty of simplicity - in a boundless borderland, in a wine country, in a place of quiet bliss.

  • A Source of Inspiration.

    The river Thaya (in Czech it’s Dyje) meanders from west to east between Lower Austria and South Moravia, gently passing Hnanice just a stone’s throw away from the outskirts of the village. Its source is in two smaller rivers, the German Thaya (Deutsche Thaya) and the Moravian Thaya (Moravská Dyje), merging long before flowing through the deep gorges of the National park and passing castles and fisher huts. It’s a symbol of untouched nature, a wildlife refuge for faunal biodiversity. Its crystal clear waters refresh us on hot summer days and wanderers gain strength and inspiration in the fresh air among its river banks.

  • The Essential, Now.

    What is it that really enchains me? The opulence I’m living in? The constant pressure forcing me to stay connected? The bigger, the better, the more that seemed to surround me? I don’t know now. It all seems to be so far away from here. I succumb to an affair with serenity. I fall in love with calmness. Relaxation starts in the mind and from there it seems to spread into every tissue and pore of my body. I feel how I’m slowly losing track of time. Here’s what is really essential: it’s this very moment.

  • Small Witnesses of Big History.

    They’re all over the fields around Hnanice, in the vineyards and on crossroads: these little relics that greet wanderers or bikers with a tale from the past. They’ve been here for centuries, each one a unique piece of art, each one reflecting its own history. We have built them out of faith and superstition in a time long ago. Still they are covered by myths and legends and maybe, on silent days, they will tell their story to the lonesome wanderer. But that’s just another legend.

  • Easy Riding.

    Bikers find paradise around Hnanice. You’ll find yourself riding on safe and silent roads through breathtaking scenery, passing whitewashed wine cellars, wineyards and fields that seem to have no end.  Our bicycle routes connect Hnanice with the National Park, the Pulkautal and the historic wine cities of Retz and Znojmo.  Discover a relaxed way of biking, a smooth way of escaping the hustle and bustle of everyday life.

    > The cycling routes around nearby Retzbach (interactive map)